Cooking Crew

Cooking CrewThe purpose of the Cooking Crew is to provide nutritious, well prepared meals in support of the Angel Food Program, Bereavement Meals and Monthly Luncheons.  We also provide catering services for special events in and outside of the church and in the community.

Angel Food – Angel Food is a program to provide a nutritious meal once a month to members or others who are homebound, ill, or need special attention for some reason.  The need can be long term or short term.  An average of 45 meals are lovingly prepared and delivered each month.  There are about 50 people involved in the preparation, packaging, and delivery of these meals and feel a tremendous amount of humility to serve the folks we deliver to.  Many times it is not so much the importance of the meal, as the importance of the visit to these members of our church who sometimes just want a little fellowship.

Bereavement Meals – One of the most humbling services we provide to families who have lost a loved one is to serve a meal for the grieving family either at the church or in their home.  Once the family has made their desires known to the pastors, the Cooking Crew goes into action to provide the best meal possible for the family and guests.  We are very proud we can serve our members in this way.

Monthly Luncheons –On the last Sunday of each month the Cooking Crew provides a free lunch.  All proceeds from congregational donations are applied to a current project.  The luncheons provide a time for fun and fellowship along with good food.  We also use this time to celebrate special occasions such as honoring our members over the age of 80, to raise money for the Christmas Basket Program, and other occasions or projects.