Funeral/Memorial Service Support

Memorial Garden DedicationThe time of the death of a loved one brings many challenges. It is our hope to help family and friends with funerals, services of memory, or services celebrating the life of a loved one.  We will strive to honor all requests if possible. All aspects of these services must be in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ and compatible with the United Methodist Churches Book of Discipline.


The KUMC family offers support in these ways to families who have experienced the death of loved ones.

  • Upon consultation with the pastors, the Sanctuary is available for funeral/memorial services for all KUMC family members and for those who do not have a church home.
  • The pastors will preside at funeral/memorial services, or assist, if requested to do so.
  • Our Music staff and choir will provide special music if requested.

The KUMC Cooking Crew will provide a meal for the family either at the church or at the home of a family member at the time requested.